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Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) - 2e année

ESLSCA Business School (Bachelor)Paris - FRANCE

Spécialité(s): Commerce International, Import-Export, Management International
Coût de la candidature avant admissibilité: 
  • Via Bachelorsbooking: 0 €
  • Via la procédure école classique: 0 €
Coût de la formation: 9 000 €
Mode(s) de financement possible(s): 
  • Prêt bancaire

Next admission round: 

Période session de recrutement:

Available slots: 

Nombre de places disponibles 30
Places disponibles par promotion: 30

Langue(s) du programme

  • Anglais

Durée de la formation: 

  • 1 an (12 mois)

Date(s) de rentrée: 


Niveau d'admission: 


This BBA is intended for young high school graduates willing to get a sound knowledge of international management.
The international perspective of business is declined on a three dimension basis:
-           Step 1: France and its undeniable assets
-           Step 2: Europe as a central business focus
-           Step 3: a worldwide exposure
All our courses combine fundamental management theories taught by our searching faculty and business experts, carefully selected by our Pedagogical Committee, with real business learning: companies experiences, best practices collected from our experts, field trips and one semester abroad (at the end of the third year).

Module 1 : Fundamental knowledge

  • Economic sciences
  • Management sciences
  • Culture
  • Languages (English + Russian or Arabic or Spanish)

Module 2 : Know-how

  • Companies business challenges
  • Internship (minimum 2 months, France or abroad)

Module 3 : Business experts testimonials or experiences sharing (through seminars or master classes)

  • « Spirit of performance days »
  • Learning expeditions and business European trip

Déroulement des enseignements: 

  • Our educational philosophy is based on developing in our students qualities and values such as tolerance, understanding and respect for others, as well as a sense of freedom that leads them out of any possible narrowness and prejudice toward a fuller awareness of themselves and the world.

Conditions d'admission

  • 1st year entry : High school diploma or equivalent
  • 2nd year entry : High school diploma or equivalent + 60 ECTS
  • 3rd year entry : High school diploma or equivalent + 120 ECTS


  • Study of the CV
  • Questions in the admission files
  • Motivational interviewing

A good English level is required (tested during the admission interview).


Madame Nazila Leroy

Vidéo du directeur